Blooming Memories  Customer Information
Information to be attached to flowers. Please print clearly.

Ship date   _______________             Event date _______________
Occasion   _____ wedding  _______________other
Preservation Preference     __________ Pressed   __________ 3-Dimensional
We MUST have this information or we will not be able to start the preservation process.    

The information in the box will be used for contact information on the person responsible for final design selections.

Name                ______________________________________________________________ First                                                         Last                                                          Maiden (if apply)
Address    ______________________________________________________________
Street                                                       City                                          State                      Zip
Phone       ______________________________________________________________
Home                                                      Work                                                       Cell
E-mail       ___________________________________________________

While we make every effort to contact you when your flowers are ready, we cannot store them indefinitely. Completed keepsakes not picked up three months after you have been notified of completion will be considered abandoned and will become property of Blooming Memories.

Special instructions:


Please read and sign below:

This is your consent to allow the designers of Blooming Memories to create your floral keepsake using our expert knowledge, best judgment and discretion within your display selection and any written instructions provided by you. The quality and condition of your flowers will affect the quality of your preserved flowers. We will not assume any liability for the condition or damages prior to their arrival. PLEASE NOTE: Deposits are Non-refundable. (A deposit of $100 per bouquet is required.) We will not process any flowers without a deposit since preservation begins immediately incurring labor, materials and space costs.) Once preservation is completed, any changes or alterations requested by you may create additional changes for labor, materials and shipping. Major changes may not be possible without damage to flowers. It is your responsibility that your display is correct including style, color and size. If you are unhappy with your preserved flowers for any reason, you have 30 days after your receipt of your flowers, to request a refund. Refunds are limited to the purchase price, less shipping costs, initial deposit and other service charges involved. It is your responsibility to return the display, in good condition, and to cover any shipping and insurance charges needed. Your refund will be issued once the display and flowers are returned to the Blooming Memories studio. Flowers not used in a keepsake container become property of Blooming Memories. We cannot return any extra or leftover flowers.  
Thank you for choosing Blooming Memories to be part of your special occasion.